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For Sale

Beautiful building for sale in 4 seasons resort area. Skiing, swimming, hiking, fishing, golf,boating, etc. This building includes 5 offices and two waiting areas, 3 bathrooms, beatiful three bedroom home upstairs with rental offices and spaces more that covering the morgage and utilities. Next door to Bridgton Academy. Unlimited possibilities for this building which has history such as- opera house, post office, general store, home, professional space. View more information

Judy H. Shedd, D.O.

Hi. I'm Dr. Judy Shedd. In my 30 years of practice as an osteopathic physician, I've distilled some bits of knowledge that I'd like to share:

  1. Our bodies are wonderfully created with the ability to heal themselves most of the time.
  2. In this alien world, the first focus of healing should be to help re-establish some healthy balance in our systems: musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, diet, spirit and vigor.
  3. Common sense is not popular, but still works: fresh air, positive thinking, simple fresh diet, enough sleep, fresh tap water, some laughter, some love, some robust living, some tears, and the knowledge that we can really only handle what is right in front of us each day and that is enough.
  4. Our habitat has become much more inhospitable to this particular animal yearly or daily.
  5. Health cannot be achieved by piling on more medications or procedures without first achieving the above balance.

This is where I can help. With Osteopathic principles, practices, homeopathy, and thirty years of practicing, I can help you work back to a place where you are self-healing and balanced most of the time. Even if you have a specific "diagnosis", the best approach is still to see that this "diagnosis" exists in as healthy a body as possible. We may then treat the malady with any means necessary even if, heaven forbid, the answer is medication or surgery.I would love to help you achieve balance in your life and live to your full potential by using all osteopathic modalities, homeopathy, and common sense life changes. This will minimize the amount spent on doctor's visits and "extraordinary" measures. I am a fully licensed physician reimbursable by insurance.

Osteopathy is a truly American medical philosophy founded around the time of the Civil War. Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, D.O. painstakingly developed this philosophy and holistic approach to combat ineffectual and dangerous practices of that time. This approach is just as important in today's healthcare.

For Sale

In the last few years, I have branched out to start an additional practice in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, which is thriving. As a result I am interested in selling, renting and/or attracting another physician to the North Bridgton practice. I have worked in this practice, while living upstairs, for 25 years and I would like to pass this opportunity on to a new enthusiastic doctor.

There have been 12 osteopathic physicians in this building, with practices that draw from a huge demographic and geographic area. There are 5 offices, 2 waiting rooms, and a beautiful home upstairs. Currently, the office space is shared by Dr. Drexel Gordon, DO, a fine family practice osteopathic physician. In addition, the building also offers accupuncture, traegar, hypnotherapy, herbal medicine, art therapy and homeopathy.

The property is located at:
90 N. Bridgton Road
North Bridgton, ME 04009
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North Bridgton is a small scenic town located in the foothills of the White Mountains in Western Maine. The location is an idealic setting surrounded by beautiful lakes, ski resorts and an easy hour drive to Portland, Maine.

Feel free to contact me by calling 207-647-8304.